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Ari Adams is an Atlanta-based author and award-winning blogger who has become the go-to person for money-saving and money-making tips especially appropriate for busy, on-the-go individuals.  Her first eBook, Save Money, Savor The Day: A Saver’s Guide to Enjoying Life on a Budget, featured a myriad of not-so-common tips and tools to help readers save money on the things they love – including free theater tickets, high-end retail, sporting events, travel, and more.  She continually shares many of these unique tips and other deals on her blog, www.saverinthecity.com.

Ari has garnered an impressive following since starting her website in 2009. Saverinthecity.com reaches thousands of readers each month and a loyal following on  Facebook and Twitter. Brands have taken notice and are actively vying for space on her site. She has worked with companies like Kmart, Sears, Publix, Kroger, General Mills, and many more. In 2011, Ari even won the WXIA 11 Alive and Atlanta Moms Like Me Mommy Blog Off!

Ari is not just focused on tips to save money, but also on helping readers find creative and efficient ways to make extra money too.  Her website also includes loads of information on everything from mystery shopping, focus groups, and an ongoing job bank through Simply Hired.

Ari recently completed her MBA and, coupled with her years of experience in the publishing industry, she will be a financial force to be reckoned with now and for years to come.


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